​  Global Perceptions offers the following innovative services in English and Spanish:


Communication Consulting

Relocation Services

Language Tutoring

"Local experience. Global REach." 

Communication Workshops and Consulting Services

•   Intercultural communication workshops designed to facilitate everyday

     interactions across cultures, integrate culturally appropriate leadership  

     strategies, mediate conflict situations, and more


•   Corporate needs assessments, organizational research, training, solution

     implementation, and program evaluation

Relocation Programs

•  Participant needs assessments

•  Daily living assistance (housing, schooling, medical services, banking,  

    transportation, etc.)

•  Cross-cultural training (before and after arrival in host country)

•  Cultural business strategies to effectively work in the host country

•  Re-entry training for people returning to their home country

•  Youth and accompanying partner programs to ensure that they are also given


Language Tutoring 

•  English and Spanish language programs offered to adults and children at times

    convenient for them

•  One-on-one and group sessions led by experienced instructors who design

    curriculum with the individual student in mind

Public Speaking Engagements

•  Contact Dr. Parenteau to speak at your next seminar, conference, or business

   meeting. ​



Don't take our word for it! See what others think about our services! 

"I would never have made it in Puerto Rico without you. You made a girl from Iowa feel more comfortable getting around a totally new place. I arrived on the island only speaking a few words of Spanish. I left there being able to read and speak Spanish enough to find my way around the island, thanks to you. You were always a phone call away and able to help interpret when I was struggling with putting words together while talking to the repair man. Now that I am back on the mainland, I am still very thankful to you for all you taught me while living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Thanks so much for your support!"--Michelle (Accompanying partner)

"I took Spanish lessons with Dr. Julie Parenteau while serving as an expat in Puerto Rico. Her classes were very personalized to my learning level and style. I became a better Spanish speaker and learned a lot about local applications of the language. Julie was very professional and knowledgeable. My overall experience was wonderful and Julie became a really good friend. I would recommend her to everyone."--Keri (Pharmaceutical Professional)

"My husband and I worked with Dr. Julie Parenteau while we were expats in Puerto Rico. She was very helpful in understanding Puerto Rican culture. We appreciated that she was adaptive in her teaching regarding what would work best for us. My only regret was that we did not start our classes with her immediately after arriving on the island. I think that would have helped the process some. We would definitely recommend using Dr. Parenteau and her service." Shawn (Pharmaceutical Professional)